Carolina Atlantic was founded in 1974 on the sound business principles of integrity, fiscal responsibility and a commitment to building solid, long-lasting business relationships. Those relationships are the cornerstone of the company today, whether they are with customers, associates or supplier partners. Formed as a two-step wholesaler (a wholesaler that will sell only to an established building supply retailer), Carolina Atlantic has remained steadily loyal to that philosophy even as the term “wholesaler” has been blurred in our industry. We will never sell to your customer. Period.

The company primarily began as a commodities distributor and gradually, over time, it has evolved into a supplier of a buffet of premium grade products servicing the custom home segment in many resort and second home markets. Coupled with top quality products, Carolina Atlantic adds a sense of urgency to all aspects of customer service, from on-time delivery, speedy quote turn around and our free same-day sample express.

Today, as one of the most respected specialty wholesalers in the Southeast, Carolina Atlantic is still managed with the entrepreneurial spirit that the company began with. Highly professional and at the same time extremely customer friendly, we are passionate about what we do and our ability to please our customers.

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Carolina Atlantic
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Carolina Atlantic
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